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On the edges of Trotskyism – some of the ones who left the SWP

Friday, 12 July, 2013

This piece was originally written for Libcom, where you can also read it.

Some notes on the IS Network, formed by ex-members of the SWP, and on the ideas of Richard Seymour, one of them.

The SWP crisis is one symptom of Trotskyism on the edge. The crisis produces lots of disenchanted and disillusioned members. It would be tragic if most of these people would simply succumb to demoralization and cynicism. But there is not just Trotskyism on the edge of collapse. Some of these disenchanted (ex-)members do not move away from the struggle, simply regretting the energy wasted and the time lost. Quite a numer of these people move from Trotskyism on the edge to the edges of Trotskyism, and sometimes beyond, beyond the borderline that separates Trotskyist politics from sensible revolutionary approches towards class struggle practice. Let’s have a look at the ones who left. Read the rest of this entry »

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